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The Year the World Grieved in Unison

But in the midst of this worldwide grief, there began to rise another voice that sung in unison.

2020. It will become known as the year that the entire world grieved in unison. Moving from the East in Wuhan, China to the farthest parts in the West - people all over the world have been found grieving together. The Coronavirus, or later to become known by the COVID-19, ravaged through towns and cities, refugee camps and palaces. This invisible disease swept through the tents of the lowest in our society, to the lush bedrooms of our wealthiest, quickly alerting us that it was no respecter of persons. The hardest part of all has been the fact that people realized that they actually were not in control. They were faced with the fact that they were not the masters of their fate, or the “Captain of their soul.” People around the world were confronted, maybe for the first time in their lives, that they were actually created to be a “Dependent” people. Dependent on their Creator for the very breath that they take next. 

And so the people grieved. They grieved the death of loved ones that were pronounced to the fate of dying a death not surrounded by those they loved, but instead encompassed by the noises of the infirmed and scurrying heroic medical staff that daily were trying to save many. 

They grieved over the realization that they would not be given the right to say their last goodbyes or even the privilege of properly burying their loved ones.

People grieved over mass confinement - some more than others. As the various governments strove to contain the deadly disease, people struggled to remain within the parameters set by authorities. 

They grieved not being able to celebrate special events like birthdays, births, weddings, baby showers and graduations. Life was put on hold for the betterment of society. And the people grieved for what they missed. Freedom.

People grieved loss. Loss of loved ones dying alone; loss of freedom to do as they pleased, and when they pleased, loss of jobs & the ability to adequately provide for their futures, or even their daily needs. They grieved the loss of the knowledge that they were not the captains of their own souls.

But in the midst of this worldwide grief, there began to rise another voice that sung in unison. It was at times faint from fatigue or maybe even fear, but it was still heard among the many. Like the small “Who people” living down in Whoville in the Dr. Suess children’s bookThe Grinch Who Stole Christmas, a beautiful song began to rise above the noise of the masses.  

It was the voices of those who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ singing out and communicating to the grieving world the Hope that is found in Christ. They sang the song of the Redeemed, amidst their own tears of grief. It was heartfelt yet firm, all the while knowing that they serve a good, good Father.  And I am absolutely confident that those songs of worship, even though they have been sung with tears in the eyes and a stutter in the voice, they have brought glory to the One Who is Worthy. 

2020 is the year the world grieved in unison. But it also has become the year the Redeemed have stood up from every corner around the world, from all the nations the Lord has made, and have come and worshiped before Him bringing glory to His name. (Psalms 86:9) 

And the world watched. And the Redeemed continued to sing.

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