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John has over 25 years pastoral experience, with 16 years serving as Pastor at the

International Chapel of Montpellier

(Pastoral Ministries - '83 Cedarville University, OH, USA; 

MDiv & ThM degrees - '90 Grace Theological Seminary, IN, USA)

Robyn has had the privilege of teaching women and children Biblical truths for over 30 years.  She serves as Ladies Ministry Leader & Teacher at the Chapel.

Follow her blog at where you can read more about expat living, as she welcomes you to join her on the roads of southern France.

Where We Serve

Montpellier, France


Fastest growing city in France for the past 25 years. It is the 8th largest city in France.

Population: 462,162 (2020)

1 out of 3 persons describe themselves as an atheist.

The University is one of the oldest and longest continual working medical universities in the world.

Founded in 1160.

Montpellier is a very young city,  with about 1/2 of the population under the age of 34 years.

Our Family


When we came to France sixteen years ago, we had three children in tow (ages 15, 12, and 8yrs); 10 suitcases; & one frightened gerbil. Today, we stand back and continually praise God for His faithfulness in the lives of our family as He has lead us on this unexpected adventure. And even though JD, Tiara & Ariana are following after God's leading in their own lives, the imprint they each have left here at the International Chapel will always remain.  

In 2019, we joyfully added our precious daughter-in-law, Juliet, to our growing Coules family and we could not be more excited!

Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. John D. Coules  - September 2019
Ariana, Tiara, Juliet, JD, Robyn, John Coules
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