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Not All Cowboys Look the Same

No matter where in the world you live, there will always be your famous cowboy or cowgirl to help rustle up the cattle. And just like other aspects of global life, cowboys and cowgirls will look differently around the world. Having grown up in the U.S. and owning horses of my own, I am quite familiar with ranch life - the smells, the sore muscles, the paraphernalia that come with needing to care for the horses and cattle and the rhythms of life that are all involved.

But depending on where in the world you are living, the cowboy life doesn't always look the same from country to country. People tend to do life as their forefathers before them ... and not much changes. So let me introduce you to a small section of ranch life here in southern France, where the cowboys are called Gardians; they ride only Camargue white horses that have been raised here for centuries; and the cattle is all black and called taureaux.


Probably the only consistent element of the cowboy life that can be transferrable from one country to another is the fact that almost every boy in town grows up desiring to be in that same saddle one day!


Village children following the Gardians ... who, if you look closely, you can see are being followed by 2 large bulls! Voila! ... and so the tradition continues to the next generation as it should be!

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