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Tales from an International Dog

My many tales begin when some soon-to-be empty-nesters purchased me from an English woman living in France and brought me into their home.  You see, we live in France, but my owners are not French … so begins my international lifestyle.  Instead, they live and work here in southern France serving in a church filled with people from all over the world.  I have a feeling that I will soon fit right in with these other internationals, whether they be human or not!   

I thought that I would begin to record some of our daily happenings, because frankly … things keep happening! I also thought that these little nuggets of adventures and tidbits of life would bring a smile to your face as you hear what life can be like living in another country & culture. 

Our first trip down memory lane occurred when it came time to name me.  No big deal, right?  Well, actually there was more stress than normal in choosing the name that I would be called for a lifetime.  You see, in France names for dogs need to correlate with the year in which they were born (“like hurricanes,” Robyn said.  I wonder why she used that analogy?).  

In 2012 - the year of my birth, the letter to be used was the letter “h”.  My masters struggled for days with coming up with a really cool “h” name since the "h" sound is often silent when spoken in French.  Being the non-conformists that they are, I was registered as “Happy” (don’t go there …), but they chose to call me Tzatziki (which is that really delicious Greek cucumber sauce that all good Greeks enjoy!)  But you can call me Zeke for short, since we are soon to be close friends enjoying our many exploits together.

I look forward to sharing with you some of my daily adventures as I, being an English dog with a Greek name, live life here in France with American masters.  Don’t ask … it gets complicated! 

Guarding my kingdom until the next great adventure...

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