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I Can Almost Smell the "Green!"

If you were to live in an ideal world, what elements would you choose to place in it? Perhaps you find this a silly question, but at times it does show those items in life that you miss. For me, one of those ideal elements that I would place in my everyday life would be luscious green grass. It’s true, I am not a very high maintenance type of woman and am one who tends to lean towards the practical end of life. ;) However, if asked, I would choose a large yard of thick, weed-free, fragrant grass over quite a lot of other elements to fill my world. The thought of walking barefoot in my yard, or sitting down on a blanket to read a long-awaited book and being able to smell the “green” is something that makes me happy.

I think because of this fact, it took quite a long time for me to adjust to living here in the south of France. Many might scoff at that statement and question my lunacy. But you see, whereas there are the most beautiful sunsets in the world here, a close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, and clear, cloudless blue skies many days out of the year, there does not happen to be healthy green grass unless one works hard to achieve it. When looking at many photos of Provence living, there is a reason why you will see the yards consisting of only pebbles and not a blade of green. For many people who take on the task of cutting the lawn for their family, this could be considered actual dream living! However, for this country-bred girl, who grew up actually enjoying mowing the lawn, this dilemma of a grassless, weed-infested environment took some getting used to!

As I begin to prepare my heart for Easter, I have been dwelling on Psalm 23, with a specific emphasis on verse 2. Here David says, “He makes me to lie down in green pastures.” As I meditate on this, I keep coming back to the verb used - “makes.” Why does God need to “make” me to lie down in those green pastures? Why am I not spiritually gravitated to lying down in the deep rich fields to gain rest and spiritual restoration the way I am physically drawn to the lusciousness of a finely manicured lawn? God calls me to stop, rest, and be spiritually restored through His Provision.

As we come into the Easter season, we begin preparing our hearts by humbling ourselves before a Righteous and Holy God. He calls us to meet Him at the foot of the cross where our eternal salvation begins. But then, He daily invites us to stay there, in humbleness and with all of our need exposed, freely allowing the bright light of His Righteousness to reveal the darkness. Stay, He calls. Lie down in my green pastures. Drink from my still waters. Let Me restore your soul.

If I were a betting woman, I would bet that heaven will be filled with the thickest, most luscious green grass ever imaginable. (For all of you who hate to mow, do not worry. I will volunteer for that duty!) But Psalm 23 was not written necessarily with the eternal home in view. Through the pen of a shepherd, an invitation was communicated to those around him to join him in his worship of The Great Shepherd who is calling us to a spiritual richness today … on this side of heaven.

Is it possible to obtain spiritual restoration in the midst of global chaos and instability? Is it possible to jump off the spinning merry-go-around which causes us anxiety and daily lie down at the foot of the cross, drinking from the clear, spiritual, truthful waters that God provides? The clear answer is Yes.

As we prepare our hearts for Easter, I invite you to lie down in God’s green, spiritually-rich fields. There is no use in trying to earn an entrance into the field. It is totally free. It is so large, so lush, and so inviting. The only requirement is that we humble ourselves before a Righteous and Holy God. I invite you to follow me into the field ... I can almost smell the "green!”

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