Beauty Found in the Texture

Springtime.  It is only one word, but yet so many thoughts tend to come to the forefront of our minds when we linger over the memories of this season.

Springtime in the south of France is one of the loveliest times of the year.  Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and everything is green.  Because this is a semi-arid area, the summer months bring less of the color green and more of the earthy tones of browns and yellows, with just splashes of color here and there. But for right now, vivid "green" is on display for all to see.  

On my daily walks, I have been struck by not only the new budding plants and weeds, but also by the textures that they display in our world.  With the beautiful green weeds growing right alongside the wild roses or the quintessential red poppies of the South, one needs to stop and just look at the beauty that is found in the “texture” of the picture.  

This image of texture in nature, draws me to linger on the correlation of texture that we find in our ministry to the international community here in the region.  People from all over the world come to our city and what a wonderful sight it is to behold.  Just sitting on our city tram and observing people, one can take in a myriad of cultures, languages and ethnic differences.  Much can be learned about a culture by just sitting, listening and watching! 

But for me, as much as I enjoy seeing the “texture” that is displayed by the people around me as I walk into the city center, it does not compare with the beauty showcased in the depth of “texture” as I walk through the doors of our church.  That is beauty, my friend.  Not because we have all the elements that make for grandeur or elegance in our facility.  No, instead the beauty actually comes from those who walk through the doors with us.  People from every tribe, nation and language, worshipping the Lord together.  Unity amidst diversity…  Beauty found in the texture… 

We have often described our ministry as a small glimpse of heaven.  John and I will recount to people the vivid image of the scene set in Revelation 7 where those who know Christ as their Savior will be found worshipping at His feet and around His throne - A myriad of people from every tribe, nation and tongue.  What a humbling honor and extreme privilege we have to be able to catch a glimpse - if just only a fleeting glimpse - of what God will see before Him on that day… beauty found in the “texture!”

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